Daddynosh is a brand new concept food boutique spread across the most important shopping center in Italy.The journey began with Ramon Pollonio pioneering of the “all day long” food experience. Ramon, a one of a kind Italian food entrepreneur, created a new way of experiencing food: following all day long customers need he designed such a complete offering including breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktails and appetizers.

To us “Extraordinary Satisfaction” means that we will consistently deliver a food experience that leaves our customers longing for more.For this reason we projected a healthy food based Menu, with plenty of organic ingredients, which aim to reduce processing to preserve the quality: vegetables, cheese and much more. The highest quality organic and environmentally friendly products.

Our format is composed by several proposals for balanced meals: cold and hot dishes, delicious salads, mixed fruit mash, natural smoothies, centrifuges of fresh fruit, homemade tortillas, toast and rolled sandwiches. An innovative way to ensure a healthy diet according to brand new food trend: such an easy way to walk customers through Italian pastries secrets, combined with amazing snacks, donuts, muffins, brownies and cookies.

We constantly carry a selection of high-quality wines from our country well-known winemakers. We will be pleased to advise you on the right wine or traditional drink (Spritz, Americano, Negroni etc.) accompaniment to your food. We strive to assist each customer in embracing an all-encompassing healthy food lifestyle offering a highly qualified staff, able to constantly innovate and stimulate customers. We are passionate to be the best in what we do. We are committed to creating visible and sustainable value for our clients. Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious; we are inspired to make a lasting impact.